Igia - Consumer thiefs

Lake Charles, Louisiana 0 comments
Not resolved

I ordered the windstorm vacuum in Oct.of 2005.

When it wasn't delivered in 2 months I cancelled the order. I never received a refund. I contacted the BBB of New York and the New York Attorney Generals office and still could not get my refund of $371.00. I have tried to contact the ofice many times since then and was informed a check would be mailed to me.

This was Oct. of 2006. I still have not received my refund. I continue to try to get in contact with IGIA but can not get a phone number that works.

It has changed, I wonder why. These people are thiefs and no one has shut them down. WHY. Many people have conplained with no results.

How can this happen in our country.It seems to me we should shut them down until they refund all the consumers that have paid for products they never received.

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Igia - Nevr received but charged $514. 2 complaints already filed, no correspondance

Orlando, Florida 0 comments

In Nov 2005 I paid for 4 vacuums and all extra accessories and to date have received nothing but grief.They have my money, I have complained at least twice and still have no vacuums.

What will it take to get this resolved?? A call to my local TV station and their "8 on your side" department.

I either want a refund or my vacuums within the next 14 days or I will be contacting them.I do not think it is right that I paid for this product and even paid extra for speedy shipping and have not only not received product but not had correspondance back

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Igia Straight n go worthless

Millersburg, Pennsylvania 1 comment

I bought the Igia straight n go.I charged it for the full 8 hours like it said.

It has not heated up at all. It pretty much stays at a almost cold temperature, its not hot enough to even straighten a strand of hair. I have even tried leaving it plugged in to get it hot and that didnt work. I didnt get to even use it one time.

I would not recommend this product. Its a big waste of money. Guess I'll stick with my regular plug in straightner.

Igia sucks so stay away from there products!

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I hate the igia straight n go.It doesn't even do anything.

It's worthless!! No one buy it.

I's all a ****** *****!:( :( :( :( :( :( :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset

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